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ZīleHello there!

Thank you so much for visiting this little world of mine. I am Zīle. I love to create. I love to create chaos. Chaos is the thing that I manage to create the best. This chaos usually turns into some form of creativity or art – fine art or photography and sometimes crafts or graphic design.

Art takes a big part of my life. I don’t have any particular style, art lives in me like waves in the ocean. Every created art piece is kinda similar, but so different from previous; it talks about nothing and everything at the same time. Created art is total chaos – that it’s just because I can’t stay interested in one thing for a very long time. After trying something new I continue to look for next new thing. I could say, on top of all those changes is curiosity. Curiosity about everything, curiosity about new techniques, styles… Yes, of course, I am an adult already, but this childlike curiosity in me is still alive and I wanna keep it as long as possible. Interest about life always helped me to stay creative, but when I lose interest in life, creativity goes down too. Some periods in life are more creative, some – less, but even when I’m down, I try to create something, even if this is tiny and worthless thing.

I adore to express myself in many different styles and forms, but can’t find words to explain drawings and paintings I make. There is probably no need for explanation – let art speak for itself. Up until now I have had few exhibitions in Latvia and Estonia and I’ve been an artist of Isle Of Man Sayles Gallery for couple of months. Currently I’m organizing exhibitions, charity events and workshops here in Latvia. In summer 2016 I opened kids activities and creativity centre in a small village (Kaķenieki, Latvia) where we are gathering once a week to do some crafts, play games and eat cookies with tea.

Creative and artsy lifestyle is always with me and around me. I am so thankful to my husband for that. The year we met, he told me: “Do whatever you love!”. At some point I was confused because I really didn’t know what should I do and how to express myself in life. But after a while I started my bachelor graphic design studies in University where I met art and fell in love with it again. Why again? Because when I was kid, artsy activities were my best friends. I painted my room over and over again, moved furniture and remodel it almost every week.

After 6 years of making art as an adult I am ready for my homepage and this homepage is dedicated to my husband. He is the most supportive and patient man in the world! This wouldn’t be possible without you, Armand! Thank you so much for everything!

Hey! Time to create something new! 🙂