About Zile®

I was born and raised in Latvia. In the beginning of 2010 I moved to the Isle of Man. Until then I regarded the pencil as an ally in the geometry lessons and occasional drawing classes which I never finished. I spend my daylight hours on the Isle of Man alone, thus learning new things about myself. In order not to feel sad about being away from Latvia I started drawing. It has now become my everyday activity. I draw portraits of people and dogs, the latter taking most of the time as I have loved dogs from my childhood.

After two years of independent and persistent work I became an artist at the Sayle Gallery of Isle of Man – a fact that honors a beginner like me. You can find eclectism and a mix of other styles in my work. But that is only because I am still at the start of my road and haven’t found my way. I draw my inspiration from the things around me, and, using different materials like graphite and colored pencils, pastel, ink, and pen, I put my ideas on the paper in my own way.

I have created some of my work for the charity – for the support of abandoned animals and homeless people. That is my goal for today and for the future – to create for the good of the others.

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