Usually it takes around 3-4 days, but there might people in front of you in line.

No, but as I draw on popular sizes (A4 & A3) and you should be able to find frames in almost any supermarket (at least in Europe). If you’re interested in other size, please mention that in order form and we’ll discuss that.

Yes! But it will cost you €50 for every extra dog you want.

  1. Choose a drawing type that you like in Commissions page and contact me.
  2. Once I receive your order, me or my assistant-husband will contact you via email and ask you to send us few photos of your pet.
  3. If I won’t be able to choose from the photos you have attached, we will agree on one or ask you to send some more photos.
  4. Make a deposit. Once the reference material is decided I require a 50% deposit before starting on the piece .
  5. Watch the progress. As I works on the drawing, you’ll receive occasional updates of  work in progress of your drawing.
  6. When the drawing is complete, we’ll send you the photo of your drawing and payment link for the remaining 50% and ask for your full address.
  7. After I receive your final payment and get your address I’ll ship the original drawing to you. Artworks are posted flat (unmounted and unframed), sandwiched between 2 boards for protection. Postage is free and drawings are being shipped worldwide from Latvia.
  8. Enjoy your drawing for the rest of your life!

Yes, I ask for you to pay 50% of the drawing price and 100% of coloring page price upfront, before I start drawing.

Yes, I have had customers from all around the world – USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany etc.

It’s free (included in the price of drawing).

Drawings are inserted in plastic pockets and then flat-packed between cardboard sheets in a bubble wrap envelope.

Depends on the line before you – I will tell you how long it is before you make a payment. After I have shipped it you should receive your drawing within 2-3 weeks.

So far my customers have always received their drawings. If it has been more than a month since I sent you drawing and you still haven’t received your drawing, it is probably lost somewhere in post 🙁 I will refund you 50% from the amount you paid and send you a very high quality digital file, so you will be able to print it out. I always make a very high quality photo of the drawings.

Give me a shout at Contact Me page and maybe we can figure something out

Armands is my husband – best friend, right hand, soulmate, inspiration. He assists me with various tasks that I struggle with (English is one of them).